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Expat Network Newsletter – November 2022

Welcome to Expat Network’s November newsletter.

With growth in digital nomads William Russell have a look at the difference between digital nomads and expats. We also have an article on the best locations for winter sun for digital nomads.

Healthcare is a constant issue for expats and with the cost of living crisis affecting us all we have two articles about the cost of healthcare.

For those interested in property abroad we have an article giving seven reasons to invest in property abroad and one the tax paid by landlords on UK rental income.

For those jobhunting we have an article about resume writing tips that never go out of style.

Finally we have a seasonal item on Christmas markets – hopefully not too soon for a Christmas article!

The Expat Network Team

Expat vs Digital Nomad: What Is Best For You?

Advances in technology and post-pandemic shifts in working patterns have opened the world up to people who are able to do their jobs remotely. But what’s the difference between expats and digital nomads and which kind of working lifestyle would be right for you?

William Russell look at the phenomenon of digital nomads and contrast their lifestyle with that of expats to help you decide.

Top 10 Winter Sun Locations For Digital Nomads

Winter is just around the corner and with it, fewer daylight hours and colder temperatures are looming. However, if you are looking to escape the cold, or are simply wanting a change of scenery whilst you work, perhaps it’s time to consider becoming a digital nomad! Here are 10 Winter sun locations for digital nomads.

How Is The Cost Of Living Crisis Impacting Healthcare Around The World?

The cost of living crisis has hit us in an unprecedented way and the impact extends beyond just the UK – people and businesses are being affected worldwide. Just as we were recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic, Europe was affected by the crisis in Ukraine, which has amplified the negative financial impact on economies globally. Fuel, food, and energy prices are all rising, and we can expect long term impacts on the cost of services like healthcare as well.

How Much Does Medical Treatment Cost Abroad?

Whether you’re planning to live or work abroad or you’re just settling into your new life as an expat, you’ll have plenty of things to think about. Moving to another country as an expat is an incredible adventure. But no matter where you and your family settle, one thing you must consider is the medical treatment abroad and its costs.

Seven Reasons To Invest In Property Abroad

Brits looking to make the most of their hard-earned savings and plan for the future have been offered helpful tips and advice on how to invest in property abroad. The team at Your Overseas Home have revealed seven reasons to invest in property overseas, including the fact that homes can be much cheaper in many other European countries, and that buying abroad could even lead to you possessing a second passport.

What Tax Do Landlords Pay On UK Rental Income?

There are about 2.6m private landlords in the UK, and although some have large, lucrative property portfolios, 43% of private residential landlords in England rent out just one property. About 39% rent out two to four properties, while 18% rent out five or more. It’s a similar story elsewhere in the UK. What tax do landlords pay on UK rental income?

6 Resume Writing Tips That Never Go Out of Style

Your resume/CV provides hiring managers with a summary of your professional qualifications and is often the determining factor in whether or not you are offered an interview. If applying for jobs is a journey, having an impressive resume is the passport you need to get hired.

Top 5 Christmas Markets 2022

Christmas markets can be relied upon each year to help get us in the festive mood with the fabulous festal atmosphere they offer, featuring all kinds of food, music, local stalls and perhaps even some mulled wine to top it all off. Christmas markets are truly an important element of the season, popping up all around the globe to help bring some familiar festivity to wherever you may travel this winter season.

Capital Consulting

Expat Network's online Service Directories includes companies to assist with your life overseas. This month we profile:

William Russell

International insurance for people living & working abroad We’re an expat health insurance provider taking a different approach to insurance.

1st Move International

1st Move International are a specialist international removals company offering fast, weekly services direct from the UK to a range of destinations worldwide.


Shipping your car overseas? We are trusted and professional car shipping experts with over 20 years’ experience and a variety of services to a wide range of destinations across the globe.

Ibex Insurance

Ibex Insurance is an international insurance broker established in 2000 and has grown to be one of the largest providers of insurance to the expatriate community in the Iberian Peninsula.

Kevin Sewell Mortgages

Kevin Sewell Mortgages are independent UK and international mortgage brokers, offering positive solutions to suit the customer’s needs.

One SimCard

OneSimCard – Stay in Touch OneSimCard is an international roaming SIM card which provides quality low-cost mobile phone and data service in over 200 countries.

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