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Expat Network Newsletter – May 2022

Welcome to Expat Network’s May newsletter.

This month we are looking particularly at healthcare for expats with a comprehensive guide, a look at the rising costs and at which are the best international providers. We also look at mental healthcare around the world and where healthcare is free for expats. Finally we look at healthcare for British expats.

We then have an article on UK tax for expats and for those looking for a job abroad we have an article on how a professional CV writer can help you find a job abroad as well as a guide to finding a job in Spain.

Sadly there can be marital problems for some expats and we have an article on the role of international separation agreements.

Our final article from Kyero looks at the current European property market and the impact of the growing trend and growth in digital nomads.

The Expat Network Team

A Comprehensive Guide To International Health Insurance

There is a sense of optimism. We notice this in conversations with numerous expats who are now drawn back abroad. Change is in the air. And of course, change always brings up a lot of questions. These new changes are exciting, but also unfamiliar. What about international health insurance?

Eight Reasons For Rising Healthcare Costs Globally

Healthcare costs have increased each year since 1960, when the United States began tracking the national health expenditure per capita. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not clear how healthcare utilization and spending would change around the world. Although one might expect health costs to increase during a pandemic, there were other factors driving spending and utilization down.

Which Are The Best International Health Insurance Providers

Identifying which international health insurance provider will give the right options for you and any family is essential when moving abroad. There are some excellent options from which to choose and many are very affordable, especially when compared to options in the US. But which international health insurance companies are the best fit for you?

Countries With The Best Mental Healthcare In The World

Thinking of moving abroad? Prioritising mental health has never been more critical than it is now, especially if you’re planning on relocating and becoming an expat. However, this is easier in some places than others and may depend on the availability of international health insurance around the world, among other factors.

Which Countries Have Free Healthcare For Expats?

Is healthcare ever really ‘free’? The short answer is no, although many countries do offer a number of healthcare services at little to no cost. As an expat, you may be entitled to some or all of these services depending on your status, but you can always avoid the potential headache of paying for healthcare costs individually by choosing international health insurance instead.

Health Insurance For British Citizens Living Abroad

It is estimated that as many as one in ten British-born people live outside the UK and around 400,000 people a year have emigrated from Britain for the past ten years. Whatever the reason for moving abroad access to healthcare and health insurance is a priority.

How Expats Can Master UK Tax

Managing UK tax affairs can be tricky when you are an expat. With non-domiciliary status high on the news agenda recently, it’s prudent for expats to ensure they have an accurate understanding of their obligations under UK tax law and that they are fully prepared to report and pay their tax bills.

How Professional CV Writing Can Help You Get A Job Abroad

At some point in our lives, we all need to use a curriculum vitae. A good CV is crucial to the kind of response you get after applying for a job. Your CV speaks for you in your absence, and you need to make sure it represents you well. Many people write their resumes, but in recent times people have started employing professional CV writing services. This is more common for people looking to work abroad. These are some of the reasons why.

Move To Work in Spain

Spain with it’s climate, lifestyle and welcoming people is popular with people looking to move abroad. Many retire to Spain but there are also many people who choose to move to work in Spain so that they can have a new lifestyle for themselves and their family. What are the rules and how can you work in Spain?

The Role Of International Separation Agreements For Expats

Making the decision to separate can be difficult, especially when you’re expats, living far from home with children. Separating with the international element to your family or assets or job can make the process much more complicated. What role can international separation agreements play?

Digital Nomad Visas Prompt Continued Interest In European Property

New data released today from overseas property portal shows increased interest in European property from overseas buyers in the first three months of 2022, which it partly attributes to the rise of digital nomads looking to work overseas post-Covid, and new visas being introduced encouraging them to do so.

Economic Uncertainties Hit Sterling

Currency Index give their monthly update on the foreign exchange market. Sterling has been really feeling the pressure over the last 4 weeks with inflation topping 7%, supply chain issues and an economy struggling for growth all contributing to Sterling falling to a 18 month low against the USD and heading to a similar fate against the single currency.

Discovery Tours – Spain and Portugal

Ready to make the move to Spain or Portugal? Reserve a Discovery Tour, an individually tailored tour of the area you plan to move to with one of our carefully selected partners. They know the area inside out and can help you to understand the advantages and things to be aware of for the different areas which can ensure you buy in the right location even if you are very familiar with the area that you plan to move to. The tours are free and there is no obligation to use the services of your host.

Move To Spain Discovery Tours 2022

Move To Portugal Discovery Tours 2022

Finance For Expats – Recordings

If you missed our Finance for Expats webinar series the recordings are available to view. You can register here to view the recordings:

Finance For Expats

Capital Consulting

Expat Network's online Service Directories includes companies to assist with your life overseas. This month we profile:

Ibex Insurance

Ibex Insurance is an international insurance broker established in 2000 and has grown to be one of the largest providers of insurance to the expatriate community in the Iberian Peninsula.

William Russell

International insurance for people living & working abroad We’re an expat health insurance provider taking a different approach to insurance.

International Citizens Insurance

Find the best expat international health insurance plan for your budget and needs.

GP On Demand

The GP on Demand ExPat service offers the facility of a UK based telephone and video GP service.

GoSimple Tax

Self-assessment is easy when you use GoSimpleTax. HMRC recognised GoSimpleTax has been developed for you and not accountants, calculating and submitting your return direct to HMRC.

1st Move International

1st Move International are a specialist international removals company offering fast, weekly services direct from the UK to a range of destinations worldwide.


Shipping your car overseas? We are trusted and professional car shipping experts with over 20 years’ experience and a variety of services to a wide range of destinations across the globe.


Many expats have assets such as bank accounts, pension funds, life insurances, and real estate in multiple countries. DGLegacy is a digital inheritance and asset protection service.

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