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Expat Money Newsletter - June 2019

Welcome to this month’s Expat Money Newsletter.

Expat Network will be holding a series of Retire Abroad Roadshows starting with the first event on 28th September in the London area and we are focusing this month on retirement.

We are also producing a new guide to retiring abroad and would welcome your input about your experiences to ensure that it reflects the real experiences and thoughts of those who have already made the move and those planning to enjoy their retirement abroad.

The Expat Network Team

Looking To Transfer Your Expat Pension?

Expats generally have the right to transfer their pension abroad into a qualifying scheme. For some, the benefits of doing so are manifold. However, there are risks, and it’s fair to say that you need to tread very carefully when considering all your options, as a significant tax charge can apply in certain circumstances. Julian Vydelingum, Chartered Financial Planner and Associate Director at chartered financial planners AES International, provides a guide on the rules, risks and benefits.


Top Ten Tips When Planning Your Retirement Abroad

Retiring abroad is increasingly popular with estimates ranging from 10% of people in the UK considering retiring abroad to over 30%. Moving to a warmer climate with a lower cost of living enabling you to enjoy a more active retirement can be a very attractive proposition.

It is, however, a major life decision and should not be taken lightly. You should make sure you carry out your research to understand all of the issues that you will face. Here are out top ten tips to make sure you have a successful retirement abroad.

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Expat Network Is Hosting The First Retire Abroad Roadshow

Thinking about retiring to Europe to enjoy the climate and lifestyle? We are planning a new series of events designed to help you plan your retirement abroad. Let us know if you would like to attend our new event: The Retire Abroad Roadshow.

Until now there has been no event dedicated to those planning a retirement abroad. The Retire Abroad Roadshow will cover all of the issues that you need to consider as you plan your move.

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Cost Of Living In Retirement Abroad

A lower cost of living is one of the factors when people consider retiring abroad. There are many countries where the cost of living is lower than in the UK, but the decision is always about having a lower cost to live the life that you want to live rather than finding the cheapest place to live.


How To Claim The UK State Pension Abroad

You can continue to claim your State Pension when you decide to retire abroad, provided you have paid enough UK National Insurance contributions to qualify. If you have not yet started receiving your pension you can get a State Pension statement to tell you how much State Pension you may get.

How To Arrange Your US Social Security Retirement Benefit

If you retire abroad you can receive your Social Security payments outside the United States as long as you are eligible and live in a country where payment is permitted. Payments are prohibited to anyone residing in Cuba or North Korea. Payment can only be made in exceptional circumstances to people in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. To arrange this you will need to contact the Social Security Administration or your Federal Benefits Unit.


Top Ten Tips To Settle Into Retirement Abroad

Settling in to living abroad can be a challenge at any time, but if you are also getting used to retirement after a long and active career, it can be even more difficult to achieve. Knowing what to expect can help to manage the transition and here we give our top ten tips to settling in to retirement abroad.

Retiring Abroad – Share Your Thoughts And Experiences

Many who have worked abroad choose to retire in the area where they have worked or choose somewhere they can enjoy the climate when considering where to spend their retirement. We would like to hear from you about your plans for your retirement or your experiences in retirement.

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Service Directory

Top Savings Rates For Expats - June

The best current offering for sterling offshore savers is Santander International with 1.15%.

For dollars, Royal Bank of Canada pays 1.33%.

Service Directory

Expat Network's online Service Directories includes companies to assist with your life overseas. This month we feature:

Kevin Sewell Mortgages

Kevin Sewell Mortgages are independent UK and international mortgage brokers, offering positive solutions to suit the customer’s needs.

Merchiston Edinburgh

Merchiston is the only boys’ independent boarding school in Scotland, offers the English curriculum, and has a global, outward-looking dimension.

My Expat Tax (Software Spinner)

MyExpatTaxes is a one-of-a-kind expat tax software where any U.S. expat can do their taxes smoothly and in less than 30 minutes.

Offshore Online

We are a UK regulated international mortgage broker with a commitment to a truly personal level of service. With over 25 years’ experience, we understand the difficulties expats face when looking for an expat mortgage.

Skipton International

Skipton International is a leading offshore bank based in Guernsey, Channel Islands. It offers buy-to-let mortgages to British expats and CI residents, and a range of offshore savings accounts.

Standard Bank

Standard Bank Group has provided international banking services since 1992 from its location in the Isle of Man. .

Your Free Guide To Living In Portugal

Very popular with retiring Britons, Portugal offers sunny living, an interesting property market and important tax advantages for retirees from overseas.

Portugal is divided into seven provinces or regions with the enchanting city of Porto and a craggy landscape of montanhas e serras in the frequently chilly north, and the balmy coastline of the Algarve in the south. In addition to mainland Portugal, the country also includes two autonomous island territories in the Atlantic Ocean, the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores. Of the country’s regions the Algarve is still by some distance the most popular choice for Britons. But it isn’t the only choice.

In this guide, we will provide you with guidance on the issues you will need to address as you plan your move, whether that is to retire, buy a second home or simply enjoy a new lifestyle. We have also identified partners to help you with the move and you can access these through the Expat Network site.

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