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Expat Money Newsletter - December 2018

Welcome to the Expat Money Newsletter for December.

With the final deadline for filing your 2017-18 UK tax return online at the end of January it is important to understand whether you need to file a Self Assessment return. Your liability to UK tax will depend on the nature of the income or gain and whether you are UK resident. The Statutory Residence Test determines whether you are UK resident or not. We outline the rules.

We also keep you up to date with the latest issues for expats in managing their money.

The Expat Network Team

British Expats And The Statutory Residence Test

Tax residence is not an issue that most of give much thought to. As a British taxpayer you are subject to tax on your worldwide income and any capital gains unless you are not UK resident. So when you spend all or part of the year abroad the issue comes in to sharp relief as it can be fundamental to whether we are liable to UK tax or not. The Statutory Residence Test (“SRT”) determines whether you will be liable for UK income tax

All Things Tax For UK Expats

Expat tax affairs can be complicated, so GoSimple Tax have gathered some tips to help you understand your tax requirements as a UK expat that is still domiciled in the UK.

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GoSimpleTax – Self Assessment made easy!

GoSimpleTax offers a self assessment solution for individuals to submit their tax return to HMRC. Our software uses artificial intelligence, which is designed to offer hints and tips to help calculate the correct tax, always ensuring no allowances or saving are missed.

We offer:

• Free 14-day trial

• The fastest way to complete a tax return

• Automatically calculates tax liability

• Categorise expenses

• Email support

Check out our website to try your 14-day free trial.

We are offering Expat networks members 20% off GoSimpleTax, to benefit from this discount, you’ll need to enter the code EXPAT18 at the checkout to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

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What Are The Best Options For Moving Money Abroad?

Today there are many options for moving money abroad and making the most appropriate choice depends on how much you are moving and whether you will be sending regular amounts.

Best Savings Rates In Expat Banking

The best current offering for sterling offshore savers (with notice period) is Skipton International’s 1.75%, if you have £10,000 and can give 250 days’ notice of withdrawals.

If you can leave your savings untouched for three years, Skipton International offer 2% annually over this period for a £10,000 minimum. You can match this rate if you leave your savings untouched for five years, Conister Bank also offer 2% annually for a minimum of £5,000.

For dollars, Standard Bank pays 1.20% for $10,000 or more, with 196 days’ notice.

Service Directory

Expat Network’s online Service Directories includes companies to assist with your life overseas. This month we profile Banking.

Your Free Guide To Living In France

France is one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and expats. France is the fifth largest economy in the world. Over 150,000 Britons and over 100,000 Americans live there. The Expat Network guide is available whether you are working in Paris or one of the other major cities in France, looking to retire to France to enjoy the lifestyle, scenery and climate or simply moving as a digital nomad to work in a different environment.

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