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Expat Network Newsletter – February 2023

Welcome to Expat Network’s February newsletter.

We held a webinar series in January for those planning to retire to Europe. These have been recordings and you can register to watch these.

For those interested in starting a business abroad we have articles on things to do before you start your business abroad, one about building strong relationships with your customers and how to apply for a chattel mortgage in Australia

We have information on the best locations to be a freelancer around the globe and how to become a digital nomad family as well as another advising on how to support your mental health while travelling as a digital nomad.

For property investors we have tips for buying property abroad and an article on how to save money when investing in Dubai.

On family matters we have an article about tying the knot abroad and one about involving your family back home when having a baby abroad.

For travellers we have an article on travelling sustainably and one setting out some surprising driving rules in Europe.

Online banks are increasingly popular and we have an article on their advantages.

The Expat Network Team

Retire Abroad Virtual Roadshow

We are holding a webinar series for those planning to retire to Europe covering all the practicalities of retiring to Europe, a session on buying property safely in Europe and another on financial planning when retiring to Europe. We also have individual detailed sessions covering Spain, Portugal and France. Find out more and register for the webinars.

Top 5 Things To Do Before You Start A Business Abroad

Are you tired of your corporate 9 to 5, bored in your town, or want to expand your business to a new market? If you answered any of these questions with a firm “yes” it is time to consider starting a business abroad. Even though many entrepreneurs dream about running a business in another, more lucrative country, not many succeed in that mission. How can you do that?

How Expat Businesses Build Strong Customer Relationships

Expansion of a business into the international market will increase sales and profit. However, as a business owner, spreading your tentacles to the international community can be difficult. One of the most important aspects of running your own business is managing and building strong customer relationships. There are many benefits linked directly to the positive experience you provide to your customers.

How To Apply For A Chattel Mortgage In Australia?

Have you just started a new business in Australia? And are you in need of business vehicles or equipment but lack the finances to acquire them? If yes, don’t worry because this post will talk about chattel mortgages in Australia, an extremely useful type of loan when it comes to business equipment.

The Best Locations Across The Globe To Be A Freelancer In 2023

New research by Craft Documents has revealed the top locations to work and live as a freelancer around the world in 2023. With the rise of freelancing, workers now have the option to work from home, in a co-working space or anywhere with good internet connectivity.

How To Become A Digital Nomad Family

If you love traveling, you should know that many interesting career choices will help you travel the world. You could make a living while exploring new places and cultures. That sounds like a dream come true. Nevertheless, many people mistakenly think that only single people in their 20s’ have this option. It all seems slightly unrealistic when you add a partner and kids. But we’re here to tell you that it’s not. If you plan it right, you can have it all. So, here are some tips on how to become a digital nomad family.

6 Ways To Support Your Mental Health As A Digital Nomad

It’s not all beer and skittles. Yes, being a digital nomad has its perks; we can’t argue with that. “The world is your oyster” motto is unambiguous for location-independent workers. Just pick a coordinate, any. Starting anew? No strings attached – just like that. Indeed, the lifestyle is known to cause envy in 9-5 office captives. “Freedom” leitmotif is what the roaming digital nomads can and do flaunt. – Simply because they can.

Making Tax Digital For Income Tax Delayed: What Should You Do?

In December 2022, the government announced its decision to delay introducing Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment (MTD for ITSA) for two more years until April 2026. What should you do?

Expert Tips For Buying Your Dream Home Abroad In 2023

2023 has brought a burst of activity from property buyers looking at homes abroad, but many need guidance along the process to make dreams come true. Many are looking for a change of scenery after being stuck within the same four walls during the pandemic with enquiries for help with buying property abroad increased by 43% in January 2023, compared with last year.

How To Save Money On Real Estate In Downtown Dubai?

Downtown Dubai is a neighborhood that provides an impressive combination of tourist attractions and business centers. Apartments in Downtown Dubai for expats attract both potential residents of the UAE and foreign investors who intend to save and increase their capital. Tourist flow increases every year, which guarantees profits for investors, because the short-term rental of small apartments in the prestigious area can be obtained from 10% per annum.

Tying The Knot Abroad? Here’s What Expats Should Expect

Expats comprise 3.1% of the global population relocating primarily for employment or for personal reasons. For some, they aim to build a life abroad including getting married and starting a family. If you’re an expat who is planning to wed while you are living overseas, there are several things that you must consider before uniting in matrimony so that your wedding is smooth and hassle-free.

How To Involve Your Family Back Home When Expecting a Baby Abroad

Whether you’re a digital nomad that moves around frequently or a part of a couple that’s found their forever home, it can be stressful to be away from family when you’re expecting a baby abroad. However, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your family back home in the loop while abroad.

10 Ways To Travel Sustainably In 2023

New research from Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show has revealed that sustainable travel has become a big priority for many intrepid travellers. However, while 63% of people say that it has a big impact on their plans, and a huge 70% wish that sustainable holidays would become mainstream, nearly half (47%) believe there needs to be more education about HOW we can travel sustainably.

Ten Of The Most Surprising Road Rules In Europe

Holidaymakers and prospective expats have been urged to get to grips with some of Europe’s most surprising road rules if they’re planning to spend any length of time abroad this year. Overseas property experts at Property Guides have researched and revealed the strangest road rules to help motorists stay on the right side of the law when driving in various European countries including Spain, Cyprus, France and Italy.

Why Online Banks Are The Perfect Solution For Expats’ Savings Needs

Are you an expat looking for the perfect solution to your savings needs? Look no further than online banking! With its convenience, flexibility, and affordability, online banking offers a host of advantages that make it ideal for expats who are looking to manage their finances from abroad.

Capital Consulting

Expat Network's online Service Directories includes companies to assist with your life overseas. This month we profile:

Go Simple Tax

Self-assessment is easy when you use GoSimpleTax. HMRC recognised GoSimpleTax has been developed for you and not accountants, calculating and submitting your return direct to HMRC.

Allied Moving Services UAE

Whether you are moving around the UAE or internationally, our team of expert packers and movers will ensure that your move is as seamless and stress-free as possible!

Cambridge Home School Online

CHS is the most established selective over-subscribed online independent school based in Cambridge UK.

One SimCard

OneSimCard – Stay in Touch OneSimCard is an international roaming SIM card which provides quality low-cost mobile phone and data service in over 200 countries.

Montgomery International School Brussels

The Montgomery International School Brussels is a fully accredited IB school (PYP - MYP - DP) right in the center of Brussels, a short walk from the European Commission, NATO and various business centers.

HSBC Expat

Why you should open a bank account with HSBC Expat An expat bank account provides the convenience of managing and growing your money in a central location.

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